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Turn Self-Isolation into Self-Motivation

With sporting events postponed, in-house restaurant dining closed, schools shut down, & large crowds prohibited….staying at home is pretty much mandatory. Self-isolation is the only way to protect yourself and others from contracting COVID-19, and it’s crucial to help “flatten the curve” so we can get through this sooner rather than later. On the other hand, quarantining will undoubtedly lead to stir craziness and boredom at times. Sure, there’s plenty of ways we can keep ourselves busy…but what are the healthy, fulfilling ways to help get us through these times? We’ve put together a list of options and strategies to keep your quarantined time both stimulating and possibly even productive.


It’s very easy to slack and let yourself succumb to that meat lovers pizza or those rocky road ice cream cravings. While a little self-indulgence is never a bad thing, it’s important to try and keep healthy food options available. As hard as it may seem, getting in those fresh fruits & veggies or lean protein sources are crucial to helping maintain an overall sense of health & well-being. Let’s also not forget to support your local restaurants, so order that Chopped Thai Salad for take-out, and let yourself splurge on that New York Style Cheesecake from your favorite bakery every so often. Remember, it’s all about moderation.


Being cooped up for hours at a time is never pleasant. Fortunately, the spring weather is among us (for the majority of the country) so make sure you take advantage. Go for a stroll, hop on a bike, knock out those crunches, meditate….all outdoors. Physical activity is a great way to help take away some of the tension and anxiety built up being indoors. Take this opportunity to appreciate the sites, smells, and noises of mother nature. Research shows that time spent in the great-outdoors helps increase energy, boosts your immune system, enhances creativity and lessens anxiety, among other things. It’s good for the body, mind, & soul!


Every year, a majority of us make New Year’s Resolutions, wanting to spark positive change. Whether it’s to exercise more, learn a new skill or hobby, limit alcohol consumption or to read more…most of us fall short after the “New year, new me” buzz wears off. There’s no better time to reignite the aspirations you set for yourself months ago. Envision your end objective, set small daily goals, take it one day at a time, and give it another chance…a sense of accomplishment is such a rewarding feeling!


Ugh, that guest bedroom closet or kitchen cabinet filled to the brim that hasn’t been opened it years. Up until now, you’ve come up with every excuse in the book to avoid cleaning it. It’s been nagging you in the back of your mind, giving you low level anxiety since you know it has to be done. Well, the opportunity is present! There’s no greater feeling than a clean, tidy house. Take the time go rid yourself of useless items that are simply taking up space and causing you stress. An old wise man once said, a clean living quarters breeds a clear mind. Do something now that your future self will thank you for later.


There’s no more opportune time for self-reflection than now. A majority of us have plenty of time on our hands, use this chance to evaluate and better yourself. But, be kind…beating yourself up over past hiccups or mistakes provides no value. Instead, strive for self-improvement. How can you be a better friend, business partner, significant other, parent, son or daughter? Have you been living up to the moral compass you set for yourself? These all are thoughts that run through our minds daily , but are almost always shut out because they’re uncomfortable and difficult to face head on. Remember, nothing gets solved overnight, but baby steps in the right direction will ultimately help you be the person you want to be.


In uncertain times like these, many fall victim to the circumstances. Of course, it’s always easier said than done…but it’s important to maintain an optimistic mindset. True positivity isn’t blindly ignoring issues or being overly cliche when negative situations arise. It’s more than simply “thinking happy thoughts” or forcing a fake smile. Instead, real optimism is the mindset of accepting uncontrollable circumstances and working towards a plausible solution, rather than dwelling on the issue at hand. It’s a mental attitude that reflects belief, hope, and a favorable outcome. Being positive is a daily challenge that no one ever said would be easy. It requires effort and attention, but the results of a ‘glass half full’ mentality will astound you. Not to mention, positive thinking has been thought to increase life span, boost immunity, strengthen cardiovascular health, and improve wellbeing. Like the late great Bob Marley said, “Don’t Worry Be Happy”


Last, but certainly not least…don’t forget your CBD! Berkeley Gold CBD is a staple item in a balanced, healthy lifestyle. As a much needed component in your daily regimen, CBD helps regulate your endocannabinoid system, which controls a range of body functions including stress, anxiety, immunity, inflammation, etc… Whether it’s high quality tinctures, fast-acting dissolvable tablets, mouth-watering gummies or refreshing topicals…there’s a delivery method to suit any and all needs.


By staying home, you’re helping both yourself and your community. COVID-19 is extremely serious and we need to treat it as such. Self-isolation is never easy, but there are healthy ways to get through. Let’s take this time to dive into tasks or thoughts that we’d overwise be too busy for. Instead of vegging out, waiting for time to pass, we should flip on the productivity switch and emerge from this situation better & healthier versions of ourselves.

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