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CBD:CBN Tinctures


Weight: 2500mg CBD: 1000mg CBN.
The Berkeley Gold CBN: CBD drops promote relaxation and sense of calmness. A great night time option to help ease even the most restless of individuals.

At Berkeley Gold, we strive to provide natural relief for the community. We realize life can often be hectic at times. Nothing feels better than pure relaxation after a long day. Who doesn’t want to release their worries and have a sense of calmness? As always, we are here to help. We have formulated a holistic product that will may help you achieve that goal. Our CBN: CBD Drops, loaded with 1000mg of CBN Isolate & 2500mg of CBD Isolate. Three amazing flavors: Lemon, Orange, & Peppermint.


We start with high quality, 100% organic American grown hemp. Sourced from the leading US farms. Top extraction measures ensure our CBN and CBD is free from THC, harsh chemicals, pesticides & GMO’s. But, what makes these CBN: CBD drops so effective for rest and calmness?

To start, the unmatched quality of our CBN and CBD. Third party lab testing to back it up.

Second, we use additional top-notch ingredients. Organic MCT is added to increase absorption. This means more CBN and CBD into your bloodstream! Not to mention, it’s a heart-heathy fat.

Next, the synergy among these two natural compounds.

Anecdotal evidence suggest CBN may encourage rest, calmness, & relaxation. An ideal night time remedy. Check out this amazing blog post for more information on CBN! And of course CBD, which also promotes relaxation. This potent one-two punch will help place your mind and body at ease. Immediate and sustained relief.

CBN: CBD – 1000mg: 2500mg| 30ML BOTTLE


Place one full dropper (1ML) or half dropper (0.5ML) twice daily under tongue. Allow to absorb for 60 seconds. Effects are typically are felt within 45 minutes and can last up to 6 hours. Consistency is key for success. Use daily as needed. Finally, store in a dark, cool place


Hemp CBN Isolate Extract, Hemp CBD Isolate Extract, Organic MCT Oil. Essential Oils, Natural Flavors.

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Orange, Peppermint


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