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The Duo: CBD & Esports Gaming

In a post dated several months back, we highlighted CBD’s role in professional sports. Whether it’s to aid in recovery, decrease pre-game jitters, or serve as holistic, non-addictive pain management, there is no doubt Cannabinol plays a major part in athletic competition. That being said, it’s usage in competitive events extends far beyond athletics. What if you were told there was another competitive industry with millions of fans world-wide and billions of dollars at stake that also takes advantage of the abundant benefits CBD offers?

The platform is called Esports, the world of competitive video gaming in which gamers square off in teams or as individuals. Competitions typically take place in multiplayer settings with cash prizes being rewarded to the winning team or individual. There are competitions for simulated sports like NBA or NHL, as well as online battle games like Fortnite and Call of Duty. Although competitive gaming has been around for decades, online streaming services like YouTube and Twitch have now given viewers from around the world the ability to watch these events in real time. Turner Broadcasting, Disney, and several of the largest European & Asian channels also broadcast live esports tournaments. The gamers themselves have become their own breed of celebrity, building fandom similar to that seen in professional sports. For top competitors, the sizable prize money on the line, paid sponsorships at stake, and fanbase expectations are all facets of their jobs. Similar to traditional athletes, esports players make sacrifices, often at the expense of their well-being, to reach the top of their field. Stress & anxiety, physical pains, sleep issues, etc.. all come with the territory. As a result, many gamers are turning to all-natural methods, specifically CBD, to help gain both cognitive and physical advantages over their opposition.

For many high level gamers, being awake at all hours of the night to compete is crucial to their livelihood. As a result, large numbers suffer from chronic insomnia and other sleep related disorders. Hours of bluelight from computers and televisions can also cause sleep cycle dysfunctions. But, adequate sleep is needed for focus, proper brain function, as well as hand-eye coordination, among other things necessary for gamers. CBD is known to ease a restless mind and combat sleep related issues. Numerous esports players are turning to CBD to help fight insomnia and support the natural sleep-wake cycle, which will allow them to perform at optimal levels.

Stress is another issue that esports competitors face on a daily basis. Whether it’s living up to fan or personal expectations or battling with tough competition, the pressures in this dog eat dog environment are inevitable. In the short-term, stress is not necessarily a bad thing. It can increase levels of focus & awareness while boosting reflexes and motor skills, which are beneficial in the gaming experience. On the other hand, long-term and constant stress can often have the opposite effect, causing neurocognitive issues such as memory loss, lack of focus, loss of motor skills, and an overall gloomy state of mind, which do not coincide with success in the esports world. Research suggests CBD may have the ability to help reduce stress while defending the brain from neurocognitive problems. Competitors have added CBD to their daily regimens to help offset the negative effects of chronic stress while still allowing for the short-term benefits of acute stress.

Although esports lacks physical contact, its competitors are still prone to physical aches and pains. After gaming for hours on end, they are very likely to have slouched in their chair at some point and felt physical discomfort. Muscle soreness and inflamed joints are likely to follow, particularly in the neck, back, wrist, elbow, or shoulder areas. For example, Hai Lam, a former esports legend was forced to retire due to persistent wrist issues. Clinton “Fear” Loomis, another well-known gamer has dealt with chronic tennis elbow for years, causing him to withdraw from several major competitions. CBD is believed to act on the body’s CB2 receptor, directly controlling pain and inflammation. Studies also suggest it can be applied topically to reduce spot specific or general inflammation, lessen joint discomfort, and decrease muscle soreness. Not surprisingly, CBD has been extremely popular among esports players looking for a natural, sound approach to pain relief.

It’s quite clear that the uses of CBD and areas of focus for esports competitors overlap. With esports growing at such a rapid rate, the earnings and endorsement opportunities are also multiplying…not to mention reputations at stake. All this gives these fierce competitors extra motivation to outlast the competition. CBD may be the solution for many, providing holistic and effective relief, allowing them to stay at the top of their game.


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