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At Berkeley Gold, we list “MCT ” as an ingredient on the back of our tincture line. Simply put, MCT, or medium-chain triglycerides act as a carrier, allowing for a greater concentration of the cannabinoids from our tinctures to be absorbed into your bloodstream! We’ll dive into exactly what this term means and why we insist on using it in all our tinctures.  As the name suggests, MCT is considered  a dietary supplement made from fatty acids, which are naturally found in coconut oil.  Fats found in MCTs differ molecularly from other well-known fats, which can cause a range of health issues when consumed in excess. The essential fatty acids found in MCT help boost energy production, assist in proper brain function, and promote healthy immune and digestive systems.

Unlike other fats you digest, medium-chain triglycerides are directly absorbed and then sent to the liver. There, they are often turned into ketones and used as an energy source. Ketones are produced when the liver breaks down fat and used by the brain as an alternative energy source instead of glucose and sugar. If you are following a ketogenic diet or “keto diet” in which the body burns fat opposed to carbohydrates for fuel, MCT can help your body stay in the fat-burning state known as ketosis. People following these low carbohydrate diets will often supplement with MCT to ensure they are getting enough healthy fats to achieve their desired goals.  Furthermore, medium-chain triglycerides’ unique absorption make them more likely to be used as energy, opposed to being stored as body fat like traditional fats.  

MCTs have been around since the 1950s, initially formulated as alternative food sources for patients unable to digest normal fats and oils. By the 1980s, they began to be studied and marketed for sports applications as well. Marathon runners and other endurance athletes started supplementing with medium-chain triglycerides to boost energy and endurance, in an effort to avoid the insulin spikes and other health problems associated with  high carbohydrate diets. Let’s discuss a few major benefits of MCTs below in more detail…  

The presence of MCT is crucial for a healthy, properly functioning brain.  Medium-chain triglycerides turn into ketones, allowing your brain to utilize the energy and mental clarity to operate at a necessary level. Alzheimer’s patients are often given a prescription dietary supplement known as Axona, which contains medium-chain triglycerides. In addition, MCTs also have natural anti-bacterial, anti-viral, & anti-fungal qualities which can promote a healthy immune system. These same anti-bacterial properties help clean and even balance bacteria in your stomach, fostering a healthier digestive system.  Furthermore, MCTs ability to improve digestion also helps the body properly balance hormone production.

We use only organically sourced, high quality medium-chain triglycerides in our tinctures. Their presence allows for an increase in bioavailability, which means you are putting your body in a greater position to achieve your desired effect. Our mission to get the most out of your CBD experience is unwavering and we believe medium-chain triglycerides found in our tinctures help achieve just that. What other daily products do you consume that contain MCTs? Comment below!

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  1. This seems to me that at age 67, it can help with health challenges and perhaps, just maybe, help my recent lack of memory! I’ll keep you posted on any changes in my health.

    • Good morning Gordon, MCT oil provides health benefits for all ages! When combined with the quality of our CBD, the possibilities are endless. Please keep me posted on your experiences. Thanks!

  2. Great article on MCT and it’s benefits to the body! I think it would help in so many areas , especially with all the added benefits of using it. I can’t wait to try your CBD oil for myself.

    • Hi Janet, thanks for the feedback. Can’t wait for you to try our CBD line as well!

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