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At Berkeley Gold, each compound found in our products serves a specific purpose. Whether it’s added to increase your body’s ability to absorb CBD or just to serve as an additional health benefit, we stick to only the purest of ingredients. Our highly effective Broad Spectrum Nano-Gels come in two versions; With melatonin added to one version to complement the CBD and another version containing a curcumin boost. Today’s article will focus on the features and benefits of curcumin.

Let’s start from the beginning and explain where curcumin comes from. Curcumin is the main active ingredient in turmeric, a plant very similar to ginger that thrives in tropical conditions and can grow upwards of three feet tall.  Tumeric is native to South Asia and has been used medicinally in Indian culture for over 4,500 years. The Indian system of medicine uses it to treat breathing issues, fight wound infections, and combat fatigue. Today, curcumin has been shown to carry a multitude of additional health benefits. We’ll dive into their specifics below!

Research suggests that curcumin carries natural anti-inflammatory properties. According to studies, curcumin at the right dosage may be more effective than ibuprofen or aspirin in preventing inflammation. In fact, it specifically blocks NF-kB, a molecule that moves into cells and activates genes responsible for inflammation and other chronic illnesses. Therefore, curcumin fights against inflammation at the molecular level.  

Curcumin is also a natural antioxidant, protecting and ridding your body of free radicals. Free radicals originate inside the human body and externally from exposure to cigarette smoke, air pollution, fried foods, etc… They cause damage to cells, proteins, and DNA which can eventually lead to cancer and other  health problems.  Curcumin’s antioxidant properties and biological structure allow it to neutralize free radicals, therefore preventing their negative impact.  In addition, curcumin can also activate your body’s own antioxidant enzymes.  

It is believed that curcumin may help lower the risk of heart disease, the number one cause of death worldwide. Curcumin improves the function of the endothelium, which is the tissue that forms the lining in the blood vessels and heart. Dysfunction of the endothelium causes problems with blood pressure regulation, blood clotting, etc…Moreover, curcumin’s anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties also help lower the risk of heart disease. In a study published in the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health, 121 people who were undergoing coronary artery bypass surgery were given either a placebo or 4 grams of curcumin a few days before or after the surgery. Those given curcumin had a 65% decreased risk of having a heart attack at the hospital in that given time frame.

Finally, curcumin can also boost levels of the brain hormone BDNF. An increase BDNF enhances growth of new neurons and assists in proper brain function. Conversely, low levels of BDNF have been linked to several brain disorders such as depression and Alzheimer’s disease. Thus, curcumin can protect against degenerative processes in the brain.

The Berkeley Gold Nano-Gels come packed with 25mg of CBD and 10g of curcumin per capsule to maximize efficiency and absorption. CBD combined with curcumin is a natural one-two punch against various health conditions. The quality of our CBD in conjunction with the abundant benefits of curcumin helps further the mission in helping people live healthier lives.


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  1. I just placed an order for both the CBD Nanogels with Curcumin and your Nanogels with Melatonin and cannot wait to try them. I’ve really felt the difference in my daily anxiety level with your Broad Spectrum 1000mg and I’m hopeful for uninterrupted nights sleep with your Melatonin nanogels. Big fan of your CBD products! Also, big fan of your educational blog posts!

    • Harold,

      I’m glad your anxiety went down when taking the Broad Spectrum tincture! People are raving about the Nano-Gels, keep me posted on any feedback. Thanks!

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